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The Desert Classic model show was attended by Bob Lomassaro, Joe Porche, Ron Odell and Joe Youngerman, and it was a blast!  Congrats to our brothers at IPMS Antelope Valley for a great show.  The model and vendor room was well-lite and was located in the cafeteria of the local college and provided plenty of room for models and attendees.  Overall there were over 265 models on display in a wide array of categories.  The scale of work displayed was consistent with our show and many others in the area, and that is exceptional!  There are either no bad modelers still in the hobby, or everyone’s work has graduated to near master-modeler level.  The raffle was well stocked with first-rate kits and was well participated in.  My only negative comment was that the calling out of the final winners was scheduled right before the contest winner’s announcement.  It took a long time and delayed the awards ceremony.  When the awards ceremony did start it went well and was very efficiently done.  One thing this club can boasts is that their trophies are well done, well designed and worth of any trophy room.  They were clear acrylic that varied in size by place and looked great.  Our guys represented our club very well, with everyone coming away with trophies.  Overall Las Vegas took home over 14 awards to make our members proud.  Although it may not be biggest show around, it is truly one of the best and well worth attending.      



• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Fuselage length: 240mm, wingspan: 330mm.
• P-38F and P-38G variants can be built.
• The model creates a parked aircraft when assembled and complete.
• Features accurate depictions of early P-38 features such as slimline engine cowlings, intercoolers in leading edges, plus the curved canopy front.
• Weights are included in the kit to ensure correct balance of the model when displayed.
• The canopy can be assembled open or closed. When closed, it is a 1-part slide-molded piece with dedicated F and G variant parts. The hatch is shown open sideways on the P-38F, and vertically on the P-38G.
• A detailed cockpit features the wheel-type controls, radio, throttle box and more.
• Comes with parts to recreate two each of 150- and 300-gallon drop tanks.
• Includes two marking options: “White 147” P-38G which took part in the interception of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in April 1943 and “White 33” P-38F
• Mirror stickers are included to recreate cockpit mirror and engine cowling interior surface sections.


Zoukei-Mura's latest release in 1/32 scale is the wonderful Ki-45 Toryu (Nick). This twin engine 2-seat, heavy fighter was used by the Japanese Army in WWII. In Part 2, I finished the cockpit and gunner positions and got the fuselage assembled.

Next off are the wings. Here, you will need to install all the internal workings for the wings. Will they show in the end, no but it is still too cool and too much fun to pass up. I installed the fuel tanks, linkages for the ailerons and then glued the bottom wing onto the structure. It fit perfectly. Don't forget to drill out the holes on the wing bottoms before sealing up!
2019 National Convention Review

2019 National Convention in Chattanooga TN.

One thing is for certain, as far as National Conventions are concerned, Chattenooga is going to be a tough act to follow, for anyone hosting a Nats.  Let’s start with ‘Pros’ form the beginning. 

Registration was a breeze thanks to new software and computers provided by IPMS/USA.  It was quick and easy considering they had 961 registered modelers.  Most of the registered attendees were completed during their online pre-registration process, but everyone still had to get this packets and such.

A separate room was provided to fill-out model registration forms and there were volunteers on-hand to help place your models.  The display room was well laid-out despite the huge size.  Good lighting, big tables with ample walkways in between.  Plenty of room for models and I saw no overcrowding or models piled on top of one another.  This was impressive considering there were over 5000 models on display, all of them exceptional quality that you expect to find at a Nats.